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Rebirth of the IMPACT Blog

By Tyler Sullivan and Morgan Sierra Snyder on behalf of the IMPACT Board Two years ago, IMPACT started as a small group of students hoping to amplify and unite the voices of social impact on Penn’s campus. Launching a Kickstarter in summer of 2013, we raised $5,000 to carry us through our […]

Urban Landscape

Railway Reborn: The Philadelphia Rail Park

From IMPACT Magazine Spring 2015 – Sustainability By Anissa Lee Walk past the Reading Viaduct, the steel railway running through the heart of Philadelphia, and you will see remnants of the past: old advertisements promoting novelty items, faded indecipherable graffiti, dirty shoes, and used cigarettes. Catenaries––vertical steel structures that once […]


Student Voices on Sleep: By the Numbers

When did you go to bed last night? In an survey of Penn undergraduate students across every class and school, the average respondent reported going to bed at 1:45 AM and waking, roughly 7 hours later, at 8:48. This survey, aimed at assessing sleep behavior patterns among undergraduates at the […]