In Big Little Lies: Perfection, Policing, and the Patriarchy

The nerve wracking and immensely satisfying finale of HBO’s enthralling mini-series, Big Little Lies, explores the role of perfection in the patriarchy’s policing of women.


A Love/Hate Relationship

The picture above is by Dread Scott, an activist and artist whose chosen mediums include everything from performance to graphic design. This specific piece of artwork is called– not surprisingly – “HATE.” What struck me first was the uncanny resemblance it has to the familiar pop-culture icon we all know and love– the LOVE statue on Locust Walk.


Mix-Up at the Oscars

In these turbulent political times, many have reconsidered the place of high profile awards ceremonies in American culture and society. Few critics, however, seem to note that the Academy Awards has historically operated on a troubling dual message.


Spoken Word Poetry: A Movement of Words

“Calling all poets and visionaries,” read the post on Instagram. It was a Saturday, and my friend and I had taken a trip to New York to explore for the weekend.  She had been scrolling through her feed when she found the post on one of those creative, feminist, empowerment accounts (you know the type). They were having their first spoken word event and they wanted anyone who had a penchant for poetry or opinions to come along.

So, of course, what else do you do on a Saturday night in New York? We navigated our way to a cafe tucked into the side streets of Brooklyn, hidden behind a long green hallway and a door covered in mistletoe. Inside, the air was warm and buzzing. The room was filled with familiar chatter, everyone waiting to listen, perform, and make a temporary space in their lives for spoken word poetry.


Moonlight and the Black Queer Experience


What do you get when you combine queerness, Blackness, teenage love, urban struggle, and tropical weather? You get Moonlight, a film written and directed by Barry Jenkins and inspired by Tarell Alvin McCraney’s play In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue.


The Crossroads of Design & Social Impact

“At this point in my career I want to work exclusively on tackling the root causes and complex systems that require an integrated approach to problem solving,” says Robert Fabricant in an interview with Allan Chochinov, Chair of the MFA Design Graduate Program at the School of Visual Arts. Co-founder of the Design Impact Group (DIG) at Dalberg Global Advisors with a persona that is eerily similar to Steve Jobs, Fabricant and fellow co-founder Ravi Chattpar have spearheaded DIG’s efforts at Human Centered Design—an approach to product design that integrates customer feedback throughout the process.


5 Reasons to Ditch Dieting This New Year

New Year, new diet.

The Diet Industry, worth a whopping $200 billion (enough money to eradicate world hunger for 6.6 years) thrives on New Year’s weight loss resolutions. January 1st has become a national detox day. Weigh less, get organized, spend less, fall in love, get a promotion, learn guitar, find more “me” time. Traditionally, each New Year we make resolutions to be our best selves and to make this year better than the last. This year two-thirds of Americans made New Year’s resolutions and weight loss topped the charts.

Before dropping $300 on a 3-Day juice cleanse, here are 5 reasons to reconsider dieting in 2016:


Dark Chocolate: The Fountain of Youth

From time to time, all of us wish we could stop aging. But even though there is nothing- not even magical pills or birthday wishes- that can keep us young forever, there are certain foods that could stave off age-related diseases, such as high blood pressure and dementia, and add years to our lives.

Some of the best age-defying, antioxidant rich foods include whole grains, nuts, olive oil, and all kinds of berries, including blueberries, blackberries, and cranberries.

But, did you know that dark chocolate can also slow down our biological clocks?

Yes, dark chocolate – especially if it’s over 70% cocoa – can taste very bitter and be quite distasteful. But it’s about time that we start loving it, because it’s the new elixir of youth.


Why Vegans are Sexy: Lessons from Activist Ori Shavit

“I felt I wasn’t really changing, but was reconnecting with something inside of me all along.”
– Ori Shavit

Two weeks ago, Israeli Vegan Activist Ori Shavit visited Penn’s Hillel to speak to students on Israel’s widespread vegan social movement that has swept the country by storm in recent years. Sponsored by Jewish Vegetarians of North America, Tzedek Social Justice, Jewish Penn Environmental Group, and Penn Vegan Society during Student Sustainability Association at Penn’s Green Week, Shavit spoke to her captivated audience about her experiences as a food journalist, critic, TEDx speaker, blogger, and overnight convert from omnivore to vegan just 4 short years ago.