In Big Little Lies: Perfection, Policing, and the Patriarchy

The nerve wracking and immensely satisfying finale of HBO’s enthralling mini-series, Big Little Lies, explores the role of perfection in the patriarchy’s policing of women.


I Wear What I Want To

The other day, a friend and I went to the King of Prussia Mall. As expected, the mall was packed. Now usually, that’s not a problem. People ignore me and I ignore them as we spend our separate lives out shopping. But this time was different.

This time was different because I was wearing a crop top.


Five Things You Should Apologize for if You’re a Woman

1) Raising your hand too much in class.

Feminist writer Lily Myers asked “five questions in genetics class today and all of them started with the word ‘sorry’.” And why shouldn’t she? There is such thing as a stupid question and the chances that none of the five fit into that category are pretty slim. In fact, there’s a pretty good chance the guy opening up his Lyn’s breakfast sandwich will ask the professor to repeat that last part, especially since he showed up late to class. Again.


A Love/Hate Relationship

The picture above is by Dread Scott, an activist and artist whose chosen mediums include everything from performance to graphic design. This specific piece of artwork is called– not surprisingly – “HATE.” What struck me first was the uncanny resemblance it has to the familiar pop-culture icon we all know and love– the LOVE statue on Locust Walk.


Mix-Up at the Oscars

In these turbulent political times, many have reconsidered the place of high profile awards ceremonies in American culture and society. Few critics, however, seem to note that the Academy Awards has historically operated on a troubling dual message.


Why Our Response to Gaga Body-Shaming Is Important

The Super Bowl is the American spectacle. Every year, this event reveals what is important to the American public.

Besides testosterone, alcohol, and cash, Lady Gaga’s halftime show has received an enormous amount of attention since Sunday night.  


Men – We Are The Problem

Men – it’s time we addressed gender inequality in America without using a certain coordinating conjunction.


Wear Your Brown Crown Proud

Five years old. The Bronx. Playing in a park. Woman rams her bicycle handlebar into my eye, muttering “terrorist.”

Eight years old. Stop trying to learn Telugu. You shouldn’t speak it, people look wary when mom and dad speak it. It doesn’t matter that you’re a Hindu—you’re brown.

Preteen. Stay quiet and hidden. Don’t get noticed. Do your best to be invisible, especially if you’re the only brown one in the room.

Teenager. Stop wearing bright makeup and eccentric clothing. People are staring. They see you’re different. They’ll get suspicious.

Last year. Grocery store. Talking on phone, saying “that song is the bomb.” Woman drops the tomato in her hand to stare. Keep your head down, walk away. Don’t be loud, be unnoticeable.