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Past & Present: How Literature Informs Social Justice

“If you only read the kind of literature that reaffirms your preconceived ideas, then you end up in this very circular process—one in which you’re looking at art, literature for confirmation of preconceptions that you already have.” – Professor Lydie Moudileno Systems of privilege and social hierarchy don’t form overnight; […]

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Pop Culture’s Compelling PSA

One in five women. One in sixteen men. These are the horrifying statistics about campus rape compiled by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC). Even with staggering data showing that sexual assault is a very real issue at college across the nation, we still manage to sweep it under […]


The International Feminine Dilemma

From the IMPACT Archives February 2015 By Morgan Sierra Snyder Sometime in my tweens, I declared over dinner at a family party that the two greatest technologies ever invented were 1) the Computer and 2) the Tampon. My dad was mortified. I was mortified years later, when I found out that […]