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Shedding Some More Light on Daylight Savings

This past weekend, people were probably having a typical Sunday night: plowing through backlogs of procrastinated work, mourning the loss of yet another weekend and preparing themselves for another dreary Monday. As I was doing just this, I checked my phone for the time: one second it read 2:00 AM […]

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What About the Paris Agreement? November 2016: A Tipping Point

A year ago this December, I was standing in la Place du Pantheon in the fifth arrondissement of Paris, surrounded by a circle of colossal icebergs melting quickly in the uncharacteristically warm winter weather.  I was an intern for Artists4ClimateParis, a government-funded project commissioning and installing climate-themed art in the […]


What Do You Care About?

Photography by Angela Schwartz Earlier this month, Penn’s environmental groups gathered for a week of activities centered around the sustainable, the environmentally friendly, and the awesomeness that is caring about our planet so we don’t self-destruct within the next century. Spearheaded by the umbrella organization Student Sustainability Association at Penn (SSAP), […]