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IMPACT publishes a magazine every semester, choosing a new theme to delve into for each issue. Through meticulously researched information, diverse angles, and varied formats, IMPACT analyzes topics relevant to Penn’s community from a social impact perspective. The magazine aims to inform readers interested in learning more about the ways in which students, professors, and alumni experience the intersection of social impact and the issue’s given theme. In the past, IMPACT has examined topics such as education, health, and identity. Our magazine contributes to the overall Penn community by remaining Penn’s only student-run magazine dedicated to social impact. The magazine condenses the activities, interests, and research of the IMPACT team as a whole into a publication accessible to IMPACT members and the general Penn community alike. If you are new to IMPACT Magazine, feel free to catch up on previous issues, each published in full here on our website. Don’t forget to check back for new issues every semester!


Issue 0: Pilot, Summer 2013

Take a look at IMPACT Magazine’s beginnings. During the summer of 2013, IMPACT released an online pre-issue covering topics such as education, health, empowerment, consulting, and more. With this online-only pre-issue, IMPACT Magazine demonstrated the wide scope of topics and attention to detail that readers could expect to see in the future.

Issue 1: Education, Fall 2013

In the fall of 2013, IMPACT Magazine released its first print issue. Through striking photography, impassioned articles, and poetry, IMPACT established itself as a quality magazine dedicated to change. In this issue, the theme of education is examined through a detailed look at the Philadelphia school system, education-focused student groups on Penn’s campus, and the global education atmosphere.

Issue 2: Giving, Winter 2013

Just in time for the holiday season, IMPACT released its second print issue, which looks at emerging trends in giving and asks when, what, how, why, and to whom we give. Analyzing topics from high impact philanthropy to homelessness, this issue aims to inform, engage, and inspire readers not just to give, but to give well.

Issue 3: Identity, Spring 2014

As the IMPACT community expanded and developed, the magazine chose to focus its next issue on the diversity reflected in such growth. With articles covering race, gender, culture, sexuality, and more, IMPACT examines the importance of the question, “Who are you?” and the implications of self-awareness both on campus and off.

Issue 4: Health, Fall 2014

In the wake of increased mental health awareness on college campuses across the country, IMPACT chose next to delve into topics of health. Covering a wide variety of health issues—including inequality of health care access, policy, diet, sanitation, exercise, and sleep—IMPACT Magazine focused this issue on cultivating a culture of health on Penn’s campus and beyond.

Issue 5: Sustainability, Spring 2015

In a world obsessed with global climate change, IMPACT used this issue to discuss sustainability, the environment, and the future of our planet. Politics, ethics, and technology informed IMPACT’s discussion of the Penn community’s role in how we as students chose to interact with, and preserve, the world around us.

Issue 7: Fall 2016

Issue 8: Movement, Spring 2017

In this edition, you will find articles discussing how architecture can affect a country’s political aspirations, how monuments seek to falsify history, how mural art can help heal a community, how Vietnamese citizens are leaving Vietnam, and how American policies towards immigrants have not changed. The theme of movement is central in each of these pieces whether they be discussing political movements, social movements, the movement of populations, or even a lack of movement in society.


Issue 9: Reflection, February 2018

Issue 10: Accountability, February 2018