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An American in Denmark: Investigating the “Happiest Country in the World”

Over a year ago, president-hopeful Bernie Sanders spoke of Denmark as his “American Dream.” But of course—2016’s “happiest nation in the world”  boasts generous welfare for its citizens, little economic disparity, and, well, happy citizens. As a current exchange student in Copenhagen, I have the opportunity to investigate the country […]


I Wear What I Want To

The other day, a friend and I went to the King of Prussia Mall. As expected, the mall was packed. Now usually, that’s not a problem. People ignore me and I ignore them as we spend our separate lives out shopping. But this time was different. This time was different […]

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Working Millennials Putting Their Money Where Their Mouths Are

Photo Credit: It is not surprising that many college-aged students, particularly at Penn, care about social impact – the act of creating positive change for people who face social challenges. IMPACT Magazine is just one example of a student group that seeks to inspire other students to make a difference […]