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Spring Fling Haiku

Photo Courtesy of Linda S.

Because this year’s International Haiku Poetry Day (April 17) happens to coincide with Spring Fling, I decided to write a poem about Fling that is composed of many haiku’s. The theme of which is, of course– mindfulness. I hope you all had fun flinging last weekend, and I hope you’ll enjoy my poem.


Get up, get dressed, get

out to fling. And smile at the

sun for here comes Spring.

Out in the Quad, the

grass a shimmering green. Sky

drapes clear, so pristine.

The sound of music,

what a godsend piece of art.

Embrace the heated

joy with big open

hearts. Sing, dance, bob to the beat.

You’re up then you’re down.

Be awake in the

crowd. Be present in the wild.

Life’s gone cray, not mild.

Be mindful, always.

Open your eyes, ears, and

soul so that you can

just go with the flow.

Fling to be flung. Sing to be

half-dazed in the now.

Bask in the sun. And

bounce in the castle. Indulge

in fried Oreos.

Stay in the moment.

And breathe in the space

of joy and feelings.

But eventually,

you gotta bounce. To the next

house. To the next booth.

To the next party.

To the next chapter of your

life ’cause remember

nothing’s forever.

Nothing’s permanent. Nothing

stays. Just be awake

to see the changing

colors of the sky. And feel

the beat of your heart.