What Do You Care About?

Photography by Angela Schwartz

Earlier this month, Penn’s environmental groups gathered for a week of activities centered around the sustainable, the environmentally friendly, and the awesomeness that is caring about our planet so we don’t self-destruct within the next century. Spearheaded by the umbrella organization Student Sustainability Association at Penn (SSAP), Green Week brings together various SSAP-affiliated groups to host events that bring dialogue to a wide range of sustainability issues and engage a broader community in the SSAP mission of promoting environmental conversation and awareness. Green Fest, an event held semi-annually on the Friday of Green Week, serves as the heart of the sustainability-crazed week. Sustainability groups at Penn and in Philadelphia gather on College Green to host interactive informational tables on what they’re doing in the field of sustainability and how others can get involved with their causes.

This year, Green Fest featured 18 different groups ranging from Penn Art Club to Solar States to the new Beekeeping Club, and IMPACT was there to get students’ take on what issues they care about. Per the occasion, the photos capture the environmental warriors, the health-conscious, the social justice academics, and those who just really care about the polar bears…

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Be on the look out next semester’s Green Week and remember to keep our planet clean, green, and pristine!.